So glad you stopped by! I created this site to help showcase my work as a musician and designer. The page is still under construction at the moment, so please excuse anything that looks out of place. But feel free to look around and drop me a line!

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One-Man Synth Band

My recent acquisition of a few new toys has inspired me to delve into YouTube land. I keep seeing these demo videos online of synth-enthusiasts performing real-time playback of an […]

You Can’t Go Back

I thought I’d try and get back into the blogging game a bit. Trying to move around and not just post songs, but other content (photos, videos, etc.). I think […]

Studio Photos

I decided to takes some pictures of the studio today. Those iPhone filters really work wonders, don’t they?

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I provide a variety of services in the fields of music, graphic design, and instructional design and development. You can hear some of my compositions on my SoundCloud page, as well as on the blog page of this site.
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