I originally created this blog in 2009 as an equipment journal, recording the various configurations of my keyboard rig. I have since expanded it to other areas, such as music composition, graphic design, and instructional media.

I hope you find this site of use to you, and I welcome any feedback!

He began his music education with classical piano lessons in 1985. Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, the eclectic and abundant musical atmosphere of Athens inspired in him a lifelong love of  music. He played trombone in high school marching band and was 1st chair trombone in his high school jazz band. He started his first band, Volaré, in 1993. Volaré blended an interesting mix of fusion, progressive rock, and jazz. The band released The Uncertainty Principle (The Laser’s Edge) in 1997 and achieved critical acclaim with an international audience.

Over the last 30 years, Pat has continued to expand his musical experience offering private piano lessons, studio production work, working as an audio-visual tech for various churches, performing in wedding and jazz bands, and working with singers/songwriters. He currently tours nationally with Remember When Rock Was Young: The Elton John Tribute. When Pat is not on tour, he works with various other groups in the Athens and Atlanta area. He is also a member of the Bill Hart Band and contributed to his most recent album, “A Touch of Blue.”

Other artists he’s worked with include John Berry, Radiolucent, Connor Pledger, Jim Perkins, Ian Webber (The Tender Idols), Cosmic Charlie (Grateful Dead Tribute), Yacht Rock Schooner, and Bumpin’ the Mango.

In addition to his musical performance experience, Pat is also a prolific composer, contributing soundtrack music for video and video games. Pat enjoys integrating new technology into his musical repertoire and excels in the field of media production and orchestration. You can hear much of his original music on Soundcloud and on his homesite, Strawser Music Studio.

Pat holds a BA in sociology and a Masters of Education with a focus on Instructional Design and Development from the University of Georgia, and works at Georgia State University School of Social Work as an instructional designer and curriculum writer.

He is an instructor of theory, scales, and performance at AIMM in Atlanta, Georgia.

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