Song of the Week: October 6 – “Theme for an Unnamed Video Game”

October 7, 2014 admin 0 Comments

In sifting through some older material I rediscovered a project from back in May. A friend had asked me to create a piece of music for a video game he was developing, so I turned this around in rather short order. Though nothing has yet materialized from his game project (which has working title), I thought it best to leave the title of this tune as still “untitled.”

I also discovered that I’d apparently just purchased a full version of NI Reaktor shortly before creating this tune, as there are several Reaktor plugins on this track.

  • Reaktor Massive (electronic drum loops)
  • Kontakt Abbey Road 60’s Drums
  • Reaktor Polymojo (Polymoog emulator, melody stack)
  • Reaktor Carbon 2
  • Reaktor MX-6000 (arpeggiator)
  • Reaktor Sinebeats 2
  • Reaktor Lazerbass (bass synth)
  • u-he Podolski (melody stack)
  • u-he Tyrell N6 (bass synth)
  • EXS24 (synth pad)
  • Arturia CS80V (melody stack)
  • Arturia Oberheim 4-Voice (brass synth stabs)


kontakt_abbey_road_60sdrums reaktor_carbon2reaktor_lazerbassreaktor_massivereaktor_polymojoarturia_cs80vreaktor_mx-6000u-he_podalski     u-he_tyrell n6  exs24  reaktor_sinebeats2 arturia_ob4

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