Song of the Week: July 15 – “Song for Charlie”

July 16, 2014 admin 1 Comments

I wrote this as a tribute to Charlie Haden, who passed away this week. In honor of his passing, I composed this simple soundscapey, Bill Frisell-inspired tune called “Song for Charlie.” Strange as it sounds, he had a pretty big impact on me musically, largely (I think) just because he’s on so many recordings that I love. I can’t say that his playing style is particularly noticeable to me, but there’s just something about knowing that he’s on the record that has always given me a sense of “hey, Haden is on here….it’s gonna be solid!”


Charlie Haden (1937-2014)

I used Komplete 9 for all of the instruments:

  • Scarbee A-200 (Wurlitzer)
  • Studio Drummer
  • Kontakt (guitar and acoustic bass)
  • Reaktor (synth pad)

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