Song of the Week: May 26 – “Abandoned”

May 26, 2014 admin 0 Comments

I’m finally getting back into the flow of things here. I’ve managed to hole myself up in my studio the last three days and develop a good bit of material. Hopefully I can get back on a weekly schedule here…..but no promises!

This week’s offering is – yet again – part of a class project that I produced this last week. I had to shoot and edit a 1-minute video for class, so that gave me a chance to do another soundtrack.

I was going for spooky and mysterious. No real curve balls here in terms of plugins, though I did recently pick up Reaktor 5, which is pretty incredible. I’ve barely scratched the surface with it, but I have discovered the downloadable ensemble packets from off of the NI website. There I found all manner of cool user-created synths and presets. One that I was particularly excited to find was the Soundforum synth that I remembered using some 10 years ago. I didn’t think you could still find that one….I used it for the Vangelis-esque Blade Runner pad at the beginning of the track.

Oh, and here’s the video, too. Enjoy!

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