Song of the Week: April 7 – “WordPress Tutorial Sountrack Part 1”

April 8, 2014 admin 0 Comments


It would seem that I’m beginning to forget how many weeks behind I am on my song of the week. Fortunately, I’ve been busy catching up.

I’ve been producing tutorial videos for my Master’s program on how to use WordPress. Not that I’m any genius at WordPress, mind you. But I’m having to produce about 5 or 6 of them once all is said and done. The whole process is pretty time consuming, though I enjoy it. Of course, every video has to have a soundtrack, right? So naturally I used this as an opportunity to flex some of my musical skills a bit as well.

No real surprises here, really. Same old synths I’ve been using lately. I seem to be gravitating towards a sort of 80’s revivalist thing with a lot of these tunes, especially with the cool Linn Drum samples coming from the Arturia Spark. I love that thing. And who doesn’t love a little glockenspiel?

  • IK Sonik Synth (intro guitar ostinato)
  • Kairatune (delay synth ostinato double)
  • EXS24 (glockenspiel)
  • Ultrabeat (hi-hats)
  • Tal-Bassline (synth bass)
  • Arturia Spark (drums)
  • KV331  Audio Synthmaster player (strings)
  • Oxbd (bass filter sweep)
  • Arturia 2600 V (synth lead)
  • RG Muted (guitar)


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