Song of the Week: March 18 – “Raincheck”

Lagging behind over here lately, on account of school and other contract work. Also, it seems that I’ve run out of space on my free SoundCloud account, so I’ll instituting a change of venue for storehousing the song files. Kind of a drag, since SoundCloud can tell me how many plays I get and all. Oh well….guess I’ll have to pony up and start actually paying for the service.

In the meantime, my latest offering was borne out of a rainy Sunday afternoon stuck inside, doing my best to put off doing actual work. I felt obligated to put “rain” in the title, and now that I think about it, I guess I was giving my actual work a “raincheck” so to speak. Anyway, I was trying to go for a more upbeat, groove-oriented fusion vibe for this tune. I’ve been listening to a lot of gospel stuff lately (Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, etc.), and I was hoping for some of that to influence me somehow. Not sure it did, but I was thinking about the syncopation in that music and how I might emulate in a tune.

Again, I was trying to be a guitar player….I should just start apologizing for that up front. I do have plans of tracking a real guitar part in the places where you hear “synth guitar”, so just bear with me. Also had a time programming the drums. I should probably take a class on it or something.

Some items of note: found a pretty cool compressor plug called Molot by vlagd/sound, which I used on a buss for the drums and bass. Also broke out the ES1 for the bass synth, which I’m really digging. Two others I don’t mess with too much were the EVD6 and Ticky Clav by Big Tick Audio, both of which added a lot during the “funk synth solo” section. Most everything else are stock plugs that I use pretty much all the time:

  • Scarbee (Rhodes)
  • SampleTank (drums)
  • EXS24 (trinagle)
  • EVD6 (clavinet)
  • Ticky Clav (wah-wah clav comp)
  • Obxd (brass synth)
  • NI B4 (Hammond)
  • Kontakt (guitar/guitar solo)
  • Arturia 2600 V (synth melody/1st synth solo)
  • Arturia Mini V (2nd synth solo)
  • KV331 Synthmaster (pad)

molot  tickyclav

evd6  es1

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