Song of the Week: March 6 – “Baggage Claim”

March 7, 2014 admin 2 Comments

This week’s offering is more of an ambient soundscape than an actual song. I thought about developing the main motif a bit, but decided against it.

I ran across a site called freeSFX that has some great sound effects, which is where I found most of the ambient airport background noise and laughing kids and stuff. I also used a VST plugin produced by Tweakbench called Field, which has some need ambient sound effects. Another cool synth I pulled out is Plucked String by Synapse Audio (makers of Orion). It really doesn’t sound like a guitar, but it does sound pretty cool. Finally, I used Reaktor Spark (NI) for the sequenced 8th-note bass synth, and SynthMaster by KV331 Audio for the spacey pad sound heard throughout.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.02.20 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.11.40 PM



  • Tweakbench Field (ambient sound effects)
  • freeSFX (ambient sound effects and samples)
  • Obxd (bass filter sweep)
  • Reaktor Spark (bass)
  • KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player (synth pad)
  • Arturia CS80V (synth melody)
  • NI Kontakt (electric guitar)
  • Synapse Plucked String (acoustic guitar)

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