Song of the Week: January 27 – “Nature of a Lie”

January 28, 2014 admin 0 Comments

I started this tune off sometime Friday, thinking of doing a Weather Channel jazz type of thing. In sticking to that idea, I ended up layering several drums and percussion instruments, in an attempt to evoke an urban kind of feel. This is an informal homage to my love of Pat Metheny Group’s “We Live Here” record from 1995, which has no doubt introduced 5-day forecasts to countless millions.

A few notes on this tune: the drum tracks are coming primarily out of IK Multimedia’s Sonik Synth and Arturia Spark (the 808 sample set). The bass is double tracked, with a Logic upright bass and AAS Lounge Lizard. Acoustic piano is another Sonik Synth offering, while the Rhodes is the NI Scarbee. Some other plugins:

  • Arturia ARP 2600 (synth solo)
  • Arturia CS-80V (brass synth and flute synth melody line)
  • Martini Farfisa (theatre organ, with Logic Scanner and Goldverb)
  • IK Muktimedia Miroslav Philharmonik (tremolo string swells and other orchestral passages)

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