Song of the Week: January 8 – “Knockout”

January 8, 2014 admin 0 Comments

I’m a little early for this one, since I just posted something two days ago. But I couldn’t help myself.

While I was in the middle of tweaking the last bits of my submission for January 6, I had this guitar riff idea pop in my mind. An hour later, I had this pretty much done.

You could call this an attempt at wanting to be a guitar player (all keyboard players suffer from this. If they say otherwise, they are in denial). And instead of dialing in a guitar sample or some kind of synth emulator, I thought it a good idea to layer a bunch of the Arturia synths to get a big, fat wall of synth-rock.

The intro features two tracks of the ARP 2600 V, panned hard left and hard right, with one slightly out of tune. A third track of the 2600 comes in on bar 3, an open-fifth type of bass synth. Overall, I was shooting for a Jeff Beck meets Led Zeppelin kind of a vibe.

Some other synths featured are:

  • NI Abbey Road 60’s drum kit
  • Arturia Oberheim SEM V
  • Arturia MiniMoog V (synth lead, hard right)
  • u-he Tyrell N6 (synth lead, hard left)
  • SampleTank (bass guitar samples)

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