Song of the Week: December 8 – “Major Seventh”

December 9, 2013 admin 0 Comments

This is an unfinished piece that I dusted off this week. I started it some 3 years ago, and like many other projects, never really knew where to go with it. I don’t particularly like the working title. It is so named because I use so many major 7 chords in the song.

It starts with an improvised piano intro (which thematically has little to do with the rest of the piece), and then moves into some sort of jazzy territory. I experimented with singing a melody section towards the end in a Pat Metheny Group -esque kind of way, though I’m still working on it all.

I’d like to develop some of the melodic statements, and find a better way of wrapping it than a fade out. It’s far from complete in my mind, but I think it’s in a good enough condition to qualify for song of the week!


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