New Song: “Season Pilot”

September 25, 2013 admin 0 Comments

I set my Windows rig back up a few weeks back, hoping to tap back into the great wealth of synth resources that I’d amassed over the years. The one thing drawing me to my Windows system was the overwhelming number of VST synths that I’d collected (most of them freeware). I’d always found these instruments inspiring and capable of a lot of different things.

Ever since moving over to Logic five years ago, I’d largely forgotten about VSTs. Logic does not support VST hosting, and there’s not nearly the same type of community of freeware synth developers out there creating stuff for Mac OS X. Call me a cheapskate I guess, but I love freeware synths! There are some great synths available for Mac OS, don’t get me wrong. But there’s just a TON of stuff out there for Windows.

At any rate, I find myself in a different headspace when I compose on my Windows rig, as I tend to be very much inspired by the sounds of the synths that I load. This particular piece follows in that spirit of allowing the sound to inform composition and arrangement.

I used this same piece in the Captivate project linked below.

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